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Advance Brampton Fund

Starting October, Youth4Future, in collaboration with Advance Brampton Fund, brings one of the most sought out activities in Brampton. Language is one of the most valuable part of any culture and needs to be preserved and practiced as much as is possible. We have prepared a digital platform for not only bridging the gap between local languages spoken in Brampton but also facilitating the interaction of the youth and elderly of Brampton. Over the past few years, the City has been witness to record breaking immigration, particularly in the older age brackets. One of the impediments for this specific population segment is the language barrier, though not as severely, it is also a rough reality for the youth as they struggle to express themselves.

Our initiative is geared towards encouraging and increasing interaction and connection between the youth and elderly of Brampton. These interactive exchange sessions will be held digitally due to Covid, as seniors are the most vulnerable to the virus. We’ve also opted for digital delivery in order to better engage youth and to deal with quickly approaching cold weather.By December 2021, Youth4Future will conclude the activity and will be open for feedback and suggestions from the beneficiaries. The feedback from the beneficiaries will be an ongoing component of the activity.

Our team of youngsters visited the food bank at Regeneration on Tuesday June 15, 2021 with 100 boxes of mangoes. Our team visited the food bank at Regeneration today, Tuesday June 15, 2021 with 100 boxes of mangoes. This was planned to show solidarity and peace despite the discrimination and injustice that is the recent highly unfortunate London incident. In times where people are dying and suffering due to COVID, there is still a population segment that is focused on hate crime. We are a multi-racial and multi-cultural team with an unwavering passion for co-existence and keeping humanity at the center of everything.   

We are highly driven about helping the disadvantaged specifically in the challenging COVID times. The members at Regeneration were very welcoming and helpful; we unloaded the boxes together and exchanged pleasantries. We were invited inside the food bank after where we made some formal introductions and briefed each other about our respective operations. Regeneration has a great facility for storage with appropriate refrigeration available. The entire warehouse was organized into various sections and was well stocked for daily required goods ranging from diapers to canned food and fresh produce. We reached there at a time when the food bank team was setting up for guests before they arrive.

Proper COVID-19 precautions were in place.  The guests were arriving and lining up while maintaining social distancing. Approximately 200-300 families pick up food from the facility each week. In addition, some of these guests also volunteer at the food bank for assisting with stocking, sorting and organizing the goods being offered.  One of the volunteers, Sherry, is also a cancer warrior, and gets dropped each week by her parents to help at the facility. She is a crazy Bollywood fan and showed us her photos in traditional dress of India. We asked her about what are the top of the list requirements that the guests look for and she shared a list.

Apart from the donations, we talked in more detail with Jole, the manager at the facility, and asked about the volunteering schedules and options so that our team can also help at the food bank.

This was a highly energizing, encouraging and revitalizing experience for the youth and they are looking forward to similar and larger scale interventions in the future.

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